Clydesdale Gelding With Respiratory Issues


Beaufort entered our lives on June 27th, 2017. He is a 15-year-old 18.1 hand Clydesdale. He arrived a little underweight and had a few health issues. We started with the basics by getting him on a proper diet. He was having a hard time gaining weight due to his teeth having never been floated. We got his teeth done and that helped, but he still was not gaining much weight… Read more “Clydesdale Gelding With Respiratory Issues”

Lexy Walter

Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive/Pain Issues

Barrel racing horses do great with herbal support

Jamie – Nirvana Natural Nutrition, LLC – Thank you for your efforts with Pye. She is doing great. I’ve said to a few people already, she’s a different horse. No kicking at her sides after a run, top line is back, not ribby, better attitude and performing her best yet after being off a whole year! Love the herbs! I’m seeing the difference in so many ways! Thank you again!… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive/Pain Issues”

Kate Szukelewicz

Barrel Racing Gelding with Anhidrosis


I want to thank Jamie Roberts (Nirvana Natural Nutrition) for turning my horse Max’s health issues around. I haven’t been able to ride him all summer due to Anhidrosis… Which means he wasn’t sweating even though it was 100 out with high humidity, not a drop of sweat! He could have died. Anyway, found Jamie and she put him on a herbal program. Built up his blood, supported his nervous… Read more “Barrel Racing Gelding with Anhidrosis”

Kindra Pirtle

Barrel Racing Horses with Various Issues

Digestive Issues fixed

“I want to take a minute to thank someone very important to my horses success and share in case anyone else may be struggling like I was at one time keep my horses feeling their best. I moved back to Kansas City a year ago in May and at that time Snazzy my good mare from college had just finished being treated for EPM and was still struggling to lose… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses with Various Issues”

Taylor Johnson

Dressage Horse with Metabolic Issues

Sally and Dublin competing at a Dressage show

“After 3 days on the tonic and the blood dtx supplements, I saw a remarkable difference in Dublin’s energy level. A few weeks later I decided to put Dublin on the Easy Keeper supplement because Dub was getting a cresty neck being on the grass. It was amazing how his body seemed to change and become more muscular and defined. His neck seemed to lose some of the hardness. I’m… Read more “Dressage Horse with Metabolic Issues”

Sally Homoly

Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

This mare had bleeding ulcers and now her digestive tract is sound after digestive ulr and neuro herbal support

“After discovering my mare had bleeding ulcers and numerous pinpoint ulcers she spent three months on ulcer guard. Changed up her feed program a few different times and had several scopes to show we had made little to no improvements. Feeling defeated, I heard about Equine Natural Care and decided to give it a try. Best decision I’d made in months! Jamie S. Roberts with Equine Natural Care quickly put Berta on a… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues”

Jessica Livengood

Barrel Racing Horse with Digestive & Anxiety Issues

“Hey Jamie – loving the Neuro!!!! He already seems more focused and not such high anxiety” “Love my herbs!!!! These have been a great, all natural addition to my horse’s program. The digestive helps keep his tummy clean and healthy! If you are having issues with your horse and can’t pinpoint a reason – I highly recommend having Jamie take a look! It’s amazing what she can help with!” Raechel… Read more “Barrel Racing Horse with Digestive & Anxiety Issues”

Raechel Lukowski

Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

Barrel horses need extra herb support to perform at their best

“After almost 2 months this horse has made an amazing transformation. Harley before was an extremely nervous, tense mare. Who suffered from ulcers- leading to poor performance, unpredictable attitude and the expected weight loss. After trying everything it was finally suggested I contact Jamie S. Roberts with Nirvana Natural Nutrition. Jamie came out to my place and did an evaluation, reiterating everything and more that was off balance on this… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues”

Logan Jones

Breeding Farm Experiences Good Results with Herbs

My husband and I have been breeding Egyptian Arabian horses for several years now. It’s magical when a foal is born and it’s crucial that they stand and nurse as soon as possible to receive the rich milk mom has containing important immune antigens the baby needs to help her survive for the first 6 months of life. If nursing does not take place within the first few hours of… Read more “Breeding Farm Experiences Good Results with Herbs”

Cheryl & Bill Corcoran

20 Year Old Mare Produces First Filly With Herb Program

Herbs can help support hormone balance in hard to settle mares

“Breeding horses can have its ups and downs. For two years we have tried to get an older mare in foal with veterinary assistance and no luck. A fellow breeder had told me to contact Jamie Roberts of Nirvana Natural Nutrition and that she might have some good advice. Jamie recommended Mare Tonic, Stem Equine and free choice of Rush Creek minerals. Jamie taught us a better way to feed… Read more “20 Year Old Mare Produces First Filly With Herb Program”

Kathy Stromberg

AQHA Gelding with Head Injury/Nervous System Issues

Herbs can support the body's healing process after an injury

At the beginning of 2012, I noticed my horse, Blue was dull in the eyes, very apprehensive in being handled around his head, periodically not interested in his food and not traveling freely. He was rogue like, as well. Blue had a number of veterinary exams to locate possible physical abnormalities. We found his right eardrum and ear canal were inflamed, which was partly the cause of his head shyness.… Read more “AQHA Gelding with Head Injury/Nervous System Issues”

Becky Martin

Rescue Horses with Digestive Issues

Velvet couldn't even be saddled from her ulcer pain before herbs, now she is going to horse shows

Velvet could not be touched from her shoulders on back, because she was sensitive and girthy.  After being on the Digestive ULR herbs, we are now able to put a saddle on without her being sensitive to the touch. The Digestive ULR also helped our horse Prince, who was also girthy. Dona Stansberry, Son Valley Youth Ranch, Canton, MO

Dona Stansberry

Barrel Racing Gelding with EPM

improved body condition and performance after herbs

Wally is a 9 year old gelding that had EPM when I got him. I went the conventional route with two different vets, treating him with two different Oral medicines, one being FDA approved. I thought I had tried almost everything to get this guy feeling better and he wasn’t showing me any kind of improvement, inside or out. Determined and dedicated to get Wally better I gave Jamie’s program… Read more “Barrel Racing Gelding with EPM”

Caitlin Benjamin

AQHA Mare with Various Issues

A happy herb customer with her horse

Hi Jamie – Just wanted you to know that Reina is still doing really well! We made it through a rough winter with no illness or signs of unsoundness. I am riding her one to two times a week, and I feel we are making a lot of progress! Her demeanor is calm and willing. Overall, I am very pleased with how she is doing. We are finally on our way… Read more “AQHA Mare with Various Issues”

Laura Lukens

Reining & Ranch Performance Horses

Reiners know the importance of supporting their horses with herbs

At Pleasure Valley Paints and Quarter horses we would like to thank Jamie Roberts at Equine Herb Power for all her help in keeping our world champion show horses in top condition.  We have worked with Jamie for several years,  and with her help developing herbal supplement programs we have kept our top show horses, including 3 time world champion Sheza Toxic Doc, at the top of their game.  With… Read more “Reining & Ranch Performance Horses”

Paul Huettl

Easy Keeper Arabian Mare

This mare looks great after being on Easy Keeper herbs for a few months

“Shalandra has always been an extremely easy keeper which caused her to founder two years ago, and it took four months to turn her around from that.  She would just stand in the middle of the round bale in her pasture and eat 24/7, kept getting bigger and bigger, and ended up foundering a second time.  We still had trouble getting the weight off her and had to keep her… Read more “Easy Keeper Arabian Mare”

Michelle Tennyson

Barrel Racing Horses

Herbs help barrel racing horses deal with the stress of their job

Equine Natural Care has helped my horses coats as well as their mental disposition. I currently have two of my horses on the herbs.  My mare Honey is showing a calmness in her disposition and has shed off the most beautiful coat I’ve seen on her.  Honey is a little bit of a worrier and nervous type. With the right herbs she seems a lot more relaxed and happier.   My mare… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses”

Lauren Strough

Support for Barrel Racers with Ulcers

Ulcers are a common problems with barrel racing horses - herbs help give them the digestive support they need

Our journey with Natural Equine Care and Jamie Roberts began about a year ago when a couple of our mares were diagnosed with ulcers.  Both were successfully treated with Omeprazole, however, I wanted to find a great maintenance program to keep the ulcers at bay. Upon assessment, we found the mares had lots of imbalances that needed addressed from stress and anxiety to structural issues.  After about 4 months we… Read more “Support for Barrel Racers with Ulcers”

Christi & Hadley Durfey

Barrel Racing Horses – Multiple Issues

Bleeding is a common race horse problem - Blood BLD and Respiratory Dry Cough can help support bleeders

In February 2015, I sent my niece’s mare, This Stone Has Wings (“Stoney”), mane sample to Jamie Roberts for an Equine Energetic Evaluation. Before that time when we would be at a barrel race or rodeo you could not tie Stoney to the trailer without her pulling back. She would get real antsy at the barrel race/rodeo and just wouldn’t concentrate on her job at hand. After we started her on Equine Natural Care… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses – Multiple Issues”

Merrie Butler

Moody Mare

Grouchy mares need hormone support - Happy Hormones from Equine Natural Care can help

Queen is doing awesome on the Happy hormones and calm.  I actually love being around her now.  She loves to be loved on now where as before she was all over the place and would not stand still.

Jacinda Felton