Support for Barrel Racers with Ulcers

Our journey with Natural Equine Care and Jamie Roberts began about a year ago when a couple of our mares were diagnosed with ulcers.  Both were successfully treated with Omeprazole, however, I wanted to find a great maintenance program to keep the ulcers at bay. Upon assessment, we found the mares had lots of imbalances that needed addressed from stress and anxiety to structural issues.  After about 4 months we did a reassessment and found we were making great progress in the right direction. The horses were not only physically looking better, but their attitudes were changing as well as improved performance. Now, a year later, with continued maintenance as well as some diet changes our mares are looking fantastic and performing well. I am very grateful for Jamie and the Natural Equine Care team for taking time and researching different strategies to helping our horses feel and perform their best.