Clydesdale Gelding With Respiratory Issues

Beaufort entered our lives on June 27th, 2017. He is a 15-year-old 18.1 hand Clydesdale. He arrived a little underweight and had a few health issues. We started with the basics by getting him on a proper diet. He was having a hard time gaining weight due to his teeth having never been floated. We got his teeth done and that helped, but he still was not gaining much weight and showed a lot of signs of anxiety issues. Beaufort started having some sinus issues towards the end of July. I contacted Jamie August 3rd. The sinus issues consisted of a runny nose with a yellow discharge that smelled wretched, a horrible cough, and weeping eyes. As it turned out, he had horrible anxiety problems, and just looking and feeling like he wasn’t enjoying life. His all-time low with his weight was the week Jamie arrived at the farm for an initial exam. We chose to go the herbal route over the vet route. I knew that tossing him on a steroid would not help us in the end. Jamie was able to look at his eyes and recommend a program for him based of what she saw. We knew the herbs would take a while to make difference and we all prepared ourselves to see a small change in about a month’s time. Within two weeks we had a different horse! He was no longer lethargic and his mucus discharge went from yellow to white. By the end of month two on herbs he gained over 75lbs. He now plays out in the pasture and is very active and happy guy. He practically begs for food, has no stress in his eyes, and his cough was completely gone! That lasted for months until weather changes this fall. With the lower temps he developed a clear mucus coming out of his nose, but it hasn’t slowed him down at all. We are on month three of herbs, and looking forward to see how he improves through this winter. Each round of herbs we will change it up his package to address different issues. Jamie makes it easy because she keeps track of his health by hair samples that we send in the mail. There is no doubt in our minds, and visual proof that he is in a much healthier state. We are treating the root cause and not the symptoms. 

I must say I was not a total herbal believer, but earlier this year I was introduced to Jamie’s herbs by a boarder. My little elderly mini was having some seasonal allergy problems and one of my clients said ‘’Try this.” My oh my did the herbs help out our beloved pony. We have now added my 5-year-old Saddlebred to the program, and we cannot wait to see the results!