Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

“After discovering my mare had bleeding ulcers and numerous pinpoint ulcers she spent three months on ulcer guard. Changed up her feed program a few different times and had several scopes to show we had made little to no improvements. Feeling defeated, I heard about Equine Natural Care and decided to give it a try. Best decision I’d made in months! Jamie S. Roberts with Equine Natural Care quickly put Berta on a blend of herbs that was supporting her weakest points and in just two weeks I could see big changes in Berta and in 30 days she was a whole new horse. No more signs of ulcers, no more bitterness. She was energetic and eager to do her job. I recently had a scope done just out of pure curiosity and the scope showed NO ulcers, the lining of her stomach was healthier than ever! Equine Natural Care/herbs will be apart of our feed program from now on! If your equine partner is struggling with digestive issues get ahold of Jamie. You won’t be disappointed. *Philippians 4:6* ??”

Jessica Livengood, Craig, MO