Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

“After almost 2 months this horse has made an amazing transformation. Harley before was an extremely nervous, tense mare. Who suffered from ulcers- leading to poor performance, unpredictable attitude and the expected weight loss. After trying everything it was finally suggested I contact Jamie S. Roberts with Nirvana Natural Nutrition. Jamie came out to my place and did an evaluation, reiterating everything and more that was off balance on this mare. She suggested three Herbal Blends, and recommended a feed change. That’s exactly what I did, and here are the results! After changing to “Roasted to Perfection” this mare bloomed right before my eyes. She is now showing no sign of ulcers, and is mentally in such a better place. Her work ethic and drive have increased extremely and she’s improving even more each and every day. I couldn’t be any more excited to get this mare back in shape and start running her. The results and amazing and I wouldn’t of wanted to work with anyone else. Thank you for the help along the way!”

Logan Jones, Jones Horse Training and Rescue, Kingsville, MO

Ulcers are a common problem in high performance horses