Barrel Racing Horses with Various Issues

“I want to take a minute to thank someone very important to my horses success and share in case anyone else may be struggling like I was at one time keep my horses feeling their best. I moved back to Kansas City a year ago in May and at that time Snazzy my good mare from college had just finished being treated for EPM and was still struggling to lose her hair and was suffering once again from heaves which she has struggled with every spring/summer for the last few years. I had tried so many things for her and really dug into the importance of just cleansing her system and how important nutrition and natural care can be for horses under the high amount of stress that she was as well as my other performance horses. During this time my mare Lo had also sustained an injury in which she got cellulitis very bad from a cut in her leg and was out for months fighting infection in it. A good friend of mine recommended I look into herbal care for both of my mares. That’s when I met Jamie S. Roberts and since I haven’t been able to go without her program! Snazzy made a miraculous transformation being on herbs to support her body during her EPM battle and Heaves. Lo’s leg healed amazingly faster once we started topical herbs and feed through. Cowboy struggled with ulcers when I got him and has been ulcer free for months on Jamie’s herbs only. I’ve cured snotty noses and coughs after traveling with herbs only…..I could go on for 30 minutes about all the things I’ve been able to tackle naturally since being on Jamie’s herb program for the past year. If you are struggling with any type of issue with your horses I encourage you to reach out to Jamie! She is a key component to my horses well being!”

Taylor Johnson, Peculiar, MO