Barrel Racing Horses – Multiple Issues

In February 2015, I sent my niece’s mare, This Stone Has Wings (“Stoney”), mane sample to Jamie Roberts for an Equine Energetic Evaluation. Before that time when we would be at a barrel race or rodeo you could not tie Stoney to the trailer without her pulling back. She would get real antsy at the barrel race/rodeo and just wouldn’t concentrate on her job at hand. After we started her on Equine Natural Care herbs, we were able to tie her to the trailer, she is more focused on her job & much more pleasant to haul. She is calmer and a different horse then before we started her on ENC.

In March 2017, my barrel horse, KN Fabulous Lass (“Joe”), ran up the wall at the 1st barrel on the 2nd day of a big 3 day barrel race and he just didn’t run that weekend. I called Jamie & discussed with her. I sent her his mane sample. Since then, Joe has not ran up the wall and has been a total different horse. During that time, we found out he is a bleeder and had ulcers. Jamie has worked with me on helping to support his lungs and circulatory system as well as his digestive system, to help him along everyday. The next time we had Joe scoped for ulcers, he was clean. We had his lungs scoped again in June 2017 and my vet said that is the best his lungs have looked. Even Joe’s attitude changed.  I was a believer after we put Stoney on ENC so I knew when Joe was having problems to call Jamie & discuss with her.