Barrel Racing Gelding with EPM

Wally is a 9 year old gelding that had EPM when I got him. I went the conventional route with two different vets, treating him with two different Oral medicines, one being FDA approved. I thought I had tried almost everything to get this guy feeling better and he wasn’t showing me any kind of improvement, inside or out. Determined and dedicated to get Wally better I gave Jamie’s program a try. I knew he didn’t get this way over night and was willing to be patient as long as what I was doing WAS helping. Within the first week I saw a change in his behavior, trotted up to be fed, playing in the pasture and even his eye looked happier. After eight weeks on herbs, the difference was sincerely amazing. I love this program because it makes sense and works. Treating the overall horse and not just symptoms makes the whole body function healthier. They are able to utilize all the other things we do for them much more if we keep the inside on track. Wally was 3rd out of 112 entries his first run back! I have 10 horses on Herbs that are each exactly what that individual needs to strengthen or help balance. They all have their own story but 10 for 10 I am wowed with! I more recently started using the oils in my program and I wish I would have gone this route a long time ago is all I can say.

Caitlin Benjamin, Kansas City, MO

Wally before herbs is shown on the left, and after herb program on the right.

barrel horse with epm improved body condition and performance after herbs