Barrel Racing Gelding with Anhidrosis

I want to thank Jamie Roberts (Nirvana Natural Nutrition) for turning my horse Max’s health issues around. I haven’t been able to ride him all summer due to Anhidrosis… Which means he wasn’t sweating even though it was 100 out with high humidity, not a drop of sweat! He could have died. Anyway, found Jamie and she put him on a herbal program. Built up his blood, supported his nervous system and pituitary and adrenals, started riding him two weeks ago and my boy is now sweating like normal!! less than 2 months on products! Everything I read on internet said no cure, can only ride them in cold winter or sell him to someone north. Vets wanted to put him on steroids. So, super excited to see what I can accomplish this fall & winter with this Special Effort! Streakin Six guy!! Thanks for all your help Jamie!!!


Kindra Pirtle, Leon, KS