AQHA Gelding with Head Injury/Nervous System Issues

At the beginning of 2012, I noticed my horse, Blue was dull in the eyes, very apprehensive in being handled around his head, periodically not interested in his food and not traveling freely. He was rogue like, as well.

Blue had a number of veterinary exams to locate possible physical abnormalities. We found his right eardrum and ear canal were inflamed, which was partly the cause of his head shyness. With proper medication, both eardrums ruptured and were expected to grow back. But, Blue was still not the sweet, accommodating horse that he used to be, unfortunately.

Enter – Jamie Roberts! An Iridology assessment was performed along with an Equine Energetic Evaluation. Neuro, Blood DTX, Digestive ULR, Stem Equine and Novequin DPF (Probiotics) were administered initially. Joint Plus, Hoof and Hair, Neprofin (protein digesting enzyme useful for inflammation and pain relief), Structural DTX, and Kidney Choice were to follow over the next several months.

Two Raindrop Therapies were performed w/ Young Living essential oils. In addition, Chiropractic adjustments were given every 3 months. He also had a number of equine massages. Jamie also recommended working with Janet Aldrich, who helped me learn some new ground work training techniques to desensitize Blue and gain his respect.

After a few months, a follow-up Iridology exam was performed to determine what weak areas still needed to be strengthened and what else was needed to maintain optimum health. A follow-up energy evaluation was performed, as well.

It took approx. 6 months before we saw noticeable improvements, which is the norm for a chronic condition. Now Blue is on a daily maintenance program. He’s not nearly as head shy, more interested in his diet and traveling freer. His eye is also much softer and kinder. And, he has dapples for the first time in the 7 years we’ve owned him! A true sign of being a healthy, happy equine!

I firmly believe that Jamie’s tenacity on putting Blue on a number of herbs and supplements, etc. were instrumental in his recovery! Thanks, Jamie!

Becky Martin, Kearney, MO