20 Year Old Mare Produces First Filly With Herb Program

“Breeding horses can have its ups and downs. For two years we have tried to get an older mare in foal with veterinary assistance and no luck. A fellow breeder had told me to contact Jamie Roberts of Nirvana Natural Nutrition and that she might have some good advice. Jamie recommended Mare Tonic, Stem Equine and free choice of Rush Creek minerals. Jamie taught us a better way to feed our mares and drastically cut the cost at the feed store. Well we followed Jamie’s advice through Sebika’s 11 months of gestation and finally, after 20 years, this April she delivered a healthy long legged filly, Hot Legs is her barn name for now. Sebika was willing and ready to be a mom again but with her age we will just let her take care of the one she has for this year. Thank you Jamie, you are wonderful to work with and my horses thank you too!”

Kathy Stromberg, Marzouk Arabians, Deer River, MN