Did you know that the entire body is mapped out in the iris of the eye? Iridology is an ancient science (and art) of evaluating the state of the body through the eye. By reading the iris, the Iridologist can identify levels of inflammation in the body, constitutional strengths and weaknesses and overall levels of health.  Iridology helps us identify the root causes of health issues and develop a nutritional plan to address them.

Equine Energetic Evaluations™

Using Applied Kinesiology, I am able to identify the weak energy points in the horse and which herbal products will strengthen and bring them into balance.  This is a proprietary process I learned after becoming an Equine Natural Care distributor. This evaluation also helps to confirm root causes.  To have a horse evaluated, I need a mane sample cut from the poll area.

Natural Health Programs

Using data obtained from the Iridology and Equine Energetic Evaluation, I will develop a plan to get your horse back into balance and performing their best with an herb and nutrition program using Equine Natural Care herbs.   It usually takes around 6 months to get a horse back in balance, and then we recommend a maintenance plan. We focus on educating and empowering our clients.

Performance Horses Excel on Herbs

Helping performance horses is one of our specialties, and we have worked with horses that perform in a variety of disciplines, including barrel racing, reining/ranch horses, Dressage, western pleasure, etc.  These hard working horses need the extra support that herbs provide.

Breeding & Pleasure Horses Love Herbs Too

We also work with a number of breeding farms, as broodmares and stallions have special nutritional and herbal requirements.  Healthy foals begin with healthy parents. Trail riding and pleasure horses benefit from herbs too!

How to Get Your Horse Evaluated...

If you live in the Kansas City area, call or text Jamie at 816-522-8152 to set up an appointment, and I will visit your barn and evaluate your horse.  If you are live outside of KC, you can email left and right eye pictures to, and send a mane sample (cut from the poll area) to:  621 N. Fairview Ave., Liberty, MO  64068.