Trail Mare with Allergies/Hair Loss

Horses with allergies usually need some cleansing support with herbs

Magic is an older mare who had lost hair over large areas of her body. An Equine Energetic EvaluationTM and… Read more “Trail Mare with Allergies/Hair Loss”

AQHA Mare with Various Issues

Jesse was underweight when we started working with her, and also seemed withdrawn and depressed. She also had a poor… Read more “AQHA Mare with Various Issues”

Dressage Gelding with EPM & Ulcers

Horses with EPM usually need immune, digestive and nervous system herbal support, as well as an herbal dewormer

Here is a case study showing the results of a long term herb program. This is a Dressage gelding who… Read more “Dressage Gelding with EPM & Ulcers”

Paint Ranch Gelding with Hoof Issues

Hoof & Hair is a great herb blend for supporting the hooves

Ranger was having some hoof challenges when we first looked at him. We used herbs to support his nervous, digestive,… Read more “Paint Ranch Gelding with Hoof Issues”

AQHA Mare with Severe Cut

This is an amazing success story of how our Wound Clay herb blend can support the body’s ability to heal.… Read more “AQHA Mare with Severe Cut”

Arabian Show Gelding with Hematoma

Ready to show a few weeks after being kicked

My gelding, “Jeebs,”was kicked in the chest and developed a large hematoma. It was hot to the touch and he… Read more “Arabian Show Gelding with Hematoma”

Arabian Stallion with Leg Injury

This stallion injured his hind leg, and the owner tried various veterinarian recommended protocols to address the injury for more… Read more “Arabian Stallion with Leg Injury”

Arabian Gelding with Eye Issue

This horse had an eye issue, where it was inflamed, swollen, and oozing.  We used Vision and Liver ALG herbs,… Read more “Arabian Gelding with Eye Issue”

Arabian Gelding with Cut on Face

You can't even tell that he cut himself

Our horse Habeeb mysteriously cut himself, and by the time we discovered the wound it was too late for stitches… Read more “Arabian Gelding with Cut on Face”

AQHA Rescue Mare with Lameness and Immune Issues

Reina being ridden - sound and healthy after herb program

Meet Reina. She is an AQHA mare who was rescued from a kill pen last year by her guardian angel… Read more “AQHA Rescue Mare with Lameness and Immune Issues”

Horse With Skin Fungus

Herbs and essential oils can address the root causes of fungal infections on horses

We had an extraordinarily hot summer in Kansas City, and I believe this contributed to our new horse acquiring a… Read more “Horse With Skin Fungus”