Equine Natural Care Herbs

We are a distributor for Equine Natural Care, and carry their entire line of equine herbal products.  Their quality control is excellent, and offer a wide variety of herbs to support all equine body systems.  An evaluation can help to determine which herb blends a horse needs.

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Evaluation Services

We offer equine evaluation services including Iridology (iris analysis) and Equine Energetic Evaluations.  This allows us to identify the root causes of health imbalances, and to determine which herbs the horse needs to get back in balance.

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We believe that herbal wisdom is power, and helps us to be prepared for our horse's health challenges.  We help our clients to learn about herbs and natural horse care so that they can make informed decisions about their horse's health.  We also offer educational seminars to groups.

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Welcome to the Equine Herb Power Website and Blog - 
a resource for natural health solutions for horses.

Discover how an herb program can help your horse to feel and perform at their very best.  Symptoms are only a sign that the body is out of balance. Rather than treating symptoms, holistic healing support methods such as natural nutrition and herbs help the body to do its job better and regain balance naturally.

An herb and nutrition program may be beneficial for a wide variety of health imbalances experienced by horses in this modern, stressful world.  This is accomplished by identifying and removing the root causes of health problems, which include toxicity, stress, nutritional deficiencies and physical trauma. These roots can be found with tools such as Iridology, Equine Energetic Evaluations™ and a detailed health inventory. Natural nutrition and herbs are then used to address the root causes.

Health is all about balance. Discover how to keep your horses in balance with Equine Herb Power.


Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

Barrel horses need extra herb support to perform at their best

“After almost 2 months this horse has made an amazing transformation. Harley before was an extremely nervous, tense mare. Who… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues”

Logan Jones

Barrel Racing Horse with Digestive & Anxiety Issues

“Hey Jamie – loving the Neuro!!!! He already seems more focused and not such high anxiety” “Love my herbs!!!! These… Read more “Barrel Racing Horse with Digestive & Anxiety Issues”

Raechel Lukowski

Rescue Horses with Digestive Issues

Velvet couldn't even be saddled from her ulcer pain before herbs, now she is going to horse shows

Velvet could not be touched from her shoulders on back, because she was sensitive and girthy.  After being on the… Read more “Rescue Horses with Digestive Issues”

Dona Stansberry

Easy Keeper Arabian Mare

This mare looks great after being on Easy Keeper herbs for a few months

“Shalandra has always been an extremely easy keeper which caused her to founder two years ago, and it took four… Read more “Easy Keeper Arabian Mare”

Michelle Tennyson

Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive/Pain Issues

Barrel racing horses do great with herbal support

Jamie – Nirvana Natural Nutrition, LLC – Thank you for your efforts with Pye. She is doing great. I’ve said… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive/Pain Issues”

Kate Szukelewicz

Barrel Racing Horses with Various Issues

Digestive Issues fixed

“I want to take a minute to thank someone very important to my horses success and share in case anyone… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses with Various Issues”

Taylor Johnson

20 Year Old Mare Produces First Filly With Herb Program

Herbs can help support hormone balance in hard to settle mares

“Breeding horses can have its ups and downs. For two years we have tried to get an older mare in… Read more “20 Year Old Mare Produces First Filly With Herb Program”

Kathy Stromberg

Breeding Farm Experiences Good Results with Herbs

My husband and I have been breeding Egyptian Arabian horses for several years now. It’s magical when a foal is… Read more “Breeding Farm Experiences Good Results with Herbs”

Cheryl & Bill Corcoran

Barrel Racing Horses

Herbs help barrel racing horses deal with the stress of their job

Equine Natural Care has helped my horses coats as well as their mental disposition. I currently have two of my… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses”

Lauren Strough

Clydesdale Gelding With Respiratory Issues


Beaufort entered our lives on June 27th, 2017. He is a 15-year-old 18.1 hand Clydesdale. He arrived a little underweight… Read more “Clydesdale Gelding With Respiratory Issues”

Lexy Walter

AQHA Mare with Various Issues

A happy herb customer with her horse

Hi Jamie – Just wanted you to know that Reina is still doing really well! We made it through a… Read more “AQHA Mare with Various Issues”

Laura Lukens

Barrel Racing Gelding with EPM

improved body condition and performance after herbs

Wally is a 9 year old gelding that had EPM when I got him. I went the conventional route with… Read more “Barrel Racing Gelding with EPM”

Caitlin Benjamin

Reining & Ranch Performance Horses

Reiners know the importance of supporting their horses with herbs

At Pleasure Valley Paints and Quarter horses we would like to thank Jamie Roberts at Equine Herb Power for all… Read more “Reining & Ranch Performance Horses”

Paul Huettl

Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues

This mare had bleeding ulcers and now her digestive tract is sound after digestive ulr and neuro herbal support

“After discovering my mare had bleeding ulcers and numerous pinpoint ulcers she spent three months on ulcer guard. Changed up… Read more “Barrel Racing Mare with Digestive Issues”

Jessica Livengood

AQHA Gelding with Head Injury/Nervous System Issues

Herbs can support the body's healing process after an injury

At the beginning of 2012, I noticed my horse, Blue was dull in the eyes, very apprehensive in being handled… Read more “AQHA Gelding with Head Injury/Nervous System Issues”

Becky Martin

Dressage Horse with Metabolic Issues

Sally and Dublin competing at a Dressage show

“After 3 days on the tonic and the blood dtx supplements, I saw a remarkable difference in Dublin’s energy level.… Read more “Dressage Horse with Metabolic Issues”

Sally Homoly

Support for Barrel Racers with Ulcers

Ulcers are a common problems with barrel racing horses - herbs help give them the digestive support they need

Our journey with Natural Equine Care and Jamie Roberts began about a year ago when a couple of our mares… Read more “Support for Barrel Racers with Ulcers”

Christi & Hadley Durfey

Moody Mare

Grouchy mares need hormone support - Happy Hormones from Equine Natural Care can help

Queen is doing awesome on the Happy hormones and calm.  I actually love being around her now.  She loves to… Read more “Moody Mare”

Jacinda Felton

Barrel Racing Gelding with Anhidrosis


I want to thank Jamie Roberts (Nirvana Natural Nutrition) for turning my horse Max’s health issues around. I haven’t been… Read more “Barrel Racing Gelding with Anhidrosis”

Kindra Pirtle

Barrel Racing Horses – Multiple Issues

Bleeding is a common race horse problem - Blood BLD and Respiratory Dry Cough can help support bleeders

In February 2015, I sent my niece’s mare, This Stone Has Wings (“Stoney”), mane sample to Jamie Roberts for an Equine… Read more “Barrel Racing Horses – Multiple Issues”

Merrie Butler

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